Winix HR1000 Air Purifier


The Winix HR1000 WiFi Enabled 5-Stage Air Cleaner combines elegant design and wifi connectivity with Winix’s most advanced filtration technologies. Designed for use in any area of the home and ready to capture dust, pet dander, smoke odors, mold spores, and household odors.

  • Wifi enabled purifier from a leading industry brand
  • Effective for medium to large spaces up to 800 SqFt. with 2 air exchanges per hour
  • Quiet operation coverage of 420 SqFt. with 2 air exchanges per hour on speed 2
  • Ideal for average size common areas or large bedrooms
  • 5 stage air filtration system creates great all purpose air purification performance
  • True HEPA Filtration
  • Energy Star Certified



The Winix HR1000 Air Cleaner combines advanced air cleaning technologies with user centric elegant design, to create an elite member of the Winix family; best used in any area of the home. Sporting a 5-Stage air purification system with Washable Pre-Filter, Coated Deodorization (CD) Carbon Filter, Anti-microbial True HEPA Filter and Winix PlasmaWave Technology.  Coated Deodorization (CD) Carbon Filter combats offensive smoke, cooking and other household odors. The carbon filter also works as a pre-filter to capture large particles such as hair, carpet fibers and dust adding life to your true HEPA filter Anti-Microbial coated True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. Coating prevents bacteria and mold from growing. PlasmaWave technology breaks apart pollutants at a molecular level without producing harmful ozone.


  • Wi-Fi enabled- Ability to control unit via Winix Smart App and check air quality indoors and outdoors
  • Air quality sensor provides set-and-forget operation
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • Sleep mode- Puts unit on quiet fan speed and dims indicator lights
  • Light Sensor- Automatically puts unit on quiet fan speed and dims indicator lights once room lights are turned off
  • Change Filter Alert
  • 4 Fan Speeds (Quiet, Medium, High, Turbo)
  • AHAM Rated for rooms up to 400 sq. ft


There are two separate filters that need to be changed: The Anti-microbial True HEPA Filter and the CD Carbon Filter, both of which will last up to 12 months. The process for changing the filters is simple and requires no tools. These filters should be changed when the Check Filter Indicator is illuminated, approximately once a year with regular use. Simply unplug the air purifier, gently pull the top of the front panel to remove it, and pull out the permanent pre-filter followed by the old filters. Insert new filters (Anti-microbial HEPA Filter in back then CD Carbon Filter in front) and return the permanent pre-filter and front panel onto the unit (for more specific instructions reference the owner’s manual link below). The Check Filter Indicator can be reset by pressing and holding down the RESET button for five seconds.


Place the WINIX HR1000 Air Cleaner on a level surface. The air purifier pulls air in from the sides and sends clean air out from the top. Place the air purifier two feet from walls, furniture, curtains, and other home items that might block the airflow.



  • Size: 23.6” high x 16.3” wide x 9.6” deep
  • Weight: 18.7 lbs

Filters and Accessories

  • Anti-Microbial True HEPA Filter
  • Washable Coated Deodorization (CD) Carbon Filter
  • Prefilter
  • User Manual


Basic Specs

Coverage Area400 sq ft
Product Dimensions23.6" H x 16.3" W x 9.6" D
Product Weight18.7 lb
Package Dimensions N/A
Shipping WeightN/A
Housing MaterialPlastic
Manufactured InKorea
Assembled in Korea

Detailed Specs

Particle Removal99.97% as small as 0.3 microns
Air Exchange Rate 5 times per hour
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)Smoke- 258
Dust- 264
Pollen- 301
Number of Cleaning Levels3
Cubic Feet per Minute (ea speed) 56.50/88.29/113.01/162.45/286.05 CFM
Air Intake Location Sides
Air Outflow Location Top


Controls TypeElectronic/Wifi Enabled
Auto Mode?Yes
Lights on/off option?Yes
Sleep ModeYes
UV Lamp?No
UV Lamp on/off option?No


Dust/Particle Sensor?Yes
Odor Sensor?No
Light Sensor?No
Air Quality Sensor?Yes
Air Quality Indicator?Yes

Power Supply

Cable Length 6 ft
Plug Type2 prong (parallel)
Power consumption 83 W
Power Voltage120 V
Energy Star Certified?Yes


Remote Control?Yes, through use of APP on phone or other device
Handle? Yes
Wall Mountable?No
Child Lock?Yes


Allergies Yes
Asthma Yes
Dust Yes
Mold Yes
Odor Yes
Chemicals No
Pets Yes
Smoke No
Germs Yes


Mesh Pre-Filter with plastic frame Washable and designed to be used for the of the purifier
CD Carbon FilterLasts up to 12 months
Anti-microbial True HEPA FilterLasts up to 12 months
Filter Change Indicator Light?Yes
UV Bulb Change Indicator Light?No
Tools Required for Filter ChangeNone

Manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty.

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