Honeywell 50250 Enviracaire Air Purifier


The Honeywell 50250 Enviracaire is a solid, basic unit for smaller rooms.

  • Best for Allergies, Asthma, Dust, and Mold
  • Coverage: Up to 300 sq ft
  • Filter type: HEPA filter
  • Warranty: 5 Year


    The Honeywell 50250 Enviracaire uses a two-stage filtration process. Air first passes through its carbon pre-filter that is designed to capture large particles, light odors and chemicals. The air then passes through the true HEPA filter where 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns are captured.
    This is a low cost air purifier for those looking to clean common, everyday allergens in home offices or bedrooms. With a pre-filter, it will help to remove large particles such as pet hair and dander.  The True-HEPA filter can remove smaller particles down to .3 microns. This unit is equipped with a filter indicator light to remind you when to clean and replace the filters.



    The Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier features an easy-to-use dial control to switch between the three cleaning levels.


    Replace the pre-filter every three months using a Honeywell HRF-AP1 filter. The HEPA filter can be vacuumed regularly, or replaced with three Honeywell HRF-F1 filters. To access the filters, turn the air purifier on its side and use a screwdriver to remove the base. A filter light indicates when to clean the HEPA filter and when to change the pre-filter, and the light can be reset easily with the touch of a button.


    • Size: 18" Height x 17" Diameter
    • Weight: 20 lbs
    Filters (pre-installed in unit)
    • Carbon Pre-Filter
    • HEPA Filter

    UPC: 00090271502501

    Basic Specs

    Coverage Area300 sq ft
    Product Dimensions22" H x 17.8" W x 11" D
    Product Weight20 lb
    Housing MaterialPlastic

    Detailed Specs

    Particle Removal99.97% as small as 0.3 microns
    Air Exchange Rate 2 times per hour
    Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)Smoke- 250
    Dust- 250
    Pollen- 250
    Cubic Feet per Minute (ea speed) 252 CFM


    Controls TypeDial with LED lights
    Auto Mode?No
    UV Lamp?No
    UV Lamp on/off option?NA


    Dust/Particle Sensor?No
    Odor Sensor?No
    Light Sensor?No
    Air Quality Sensor?No

    Power Supply

    Power consumption (ea speed) 84/180 W
    Power Voltage110/115 V
    Energy Star Certified?No


    Remote Control?No
    Handle? Yes
    Wall Mountable?No
    Child Lock?No


    Allergies Yes
    Asthma Yes
    Dust Yes
    Mold No
    Odor No
    Chemicals No
    Pets No
    Smoke No
    Germs No


    Pre-Filter Wash monthly and replace every 3 months with Honeywell model HRF-AP1 Filter
    HEPA FilterWash montly and replace every 3 years with Honeywell model HRF-F1 Filter
    Filter Change Indicator Light?Yes
    UV Bulb Change Indicator Light?NA

    5 Year Limited Warranty: Full Unit

    Our Experts have tested and reviewed the Honeywell 50250 air purifier.

    Summary of Expert Review:

    The Honeywell 50250 air purifier is a great choice for many of the most common concerns. It is a basic unit with no frills or added functions. It utilizes a basic knob for the speed controls and also offers a filter life timer.

    The main advantages of this unit are its high airflow and low purchase cost. The drawbacks to this unit are its rather high noise levels and its high power consumption. This leads it to have a higher cost to operate than some other more expensive units.

    In addition, it offers a charcoal pre-filter, which is positioned for light odor, but it is not substantial enough address chemicals, heavy odor, or smoke effectively.

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