Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy Air Purifier 450


"Breathe with Confidence!"

  • Best for allergies, dust, and pets
  • Coverage: Up to 450 sq ft
  • Filter Type: HEPA, pre-filter, Cleancel anti-microbial filter coating, activated anti-odor carbon filter, and PlasmaWave ionization
  • Color Options: Available in black only
  • Warranty: 1 Year


How It Works

The Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 Air Purifier uses a five stage process to clean the air. The Pre-Filter is coated with CleanCel, an anti-microbial coating that prevents the growth of micro-organisms. The activated Anti-Odor Carbon Filter absorbs gas such as ammonia and formaldehyde, as well as odors from cigarette smoke, pets, or cooking. Next, air passes through the HEPA filter which captures 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3, including smoke, dust, pollen, and other allergens. Finally, PlasmaWave Technology uses positive and negative ions to clean the air of harmful pollutants breaking them down and converting them to naturally occurring oxygen and hydrogen.

Additional Features

Built-in light sensor detects when the room is dark and automatically dims the lights on the control panel and lowers the fan speed for quiet and energy-efficient operation at night. Auto mode uses an air quality sensor to detect the amount of impurities in the air and automatically adjust the fan speed accordingly to keep your air purified.

Filter Changes

All the filters for the Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 Air Purifier are washable. Each filter should be cleaned every three months, and replaced annually. Clean the pre-filter by vacuuming or using a soft brush, or using warm water when the filter is exceptionally dirty. Clean the HEPA and Carbon filters by soaking in warm water for thirty minutes and allowing to dry for 24 hours. The Check Filter indicator will signal when to replace the filters. The filter should be replaced approximately once a year, but replacement period varies depending on the hours of usage, air quality, and location of the unit. Replacing the filters does not require any tools, although a paperclip is needed to reset the Check Filter indicator.

Air Flow and Positioning

The air purifier should be placed so that air can circulate around the sides and front of the unit.

What's In The Box


  • Size: 25" Height x 19" Width x 12" Deep
  • Weight: 19 lbs

Filters & Accessories

  • Electrolux ELAP45D8PB Air Purifier
  • 1 Filter Cassette, which includes:
    • 1 Washable Cleancel Pre-Filter
    • 1 Washable HEPA Filter Set
    • 1 Filter Frame
    • 1 Washable Anti-Odor Carbon Filter
    • User manual

      UPC: 00023169140196

      Basic Specs

      Coverage Area450 sq ft
      Product Dimensions25" H x 19" W x 12" D
      Product Weight19 lb
      Package Dimensions 27" H x 20" W x 13" D
      Shipping Weight 25 lb
      Housing MaterialPlastic

      Detailed Specs

      Particle Removal99.9% as small as 0.3 microns
      Number of Cleaning Levels4
      Noise level (ea speed)27/38/50/60 dB
      Cubic Feet per Minute (ea speed) 290 CFM
      Air Outflow Location Top


      Controls TypeElectronic buttons
      Auto Mode?Yes
      Lights On/OffYes
      Sleep ModeYes
      Ionizer on/off option?No
      UV Lamp?No


      Light Sensor?Yes
      Air Quality Sensor?Yes

      Power Supply

      Power consumption (ea. Speed)10/30/47/110 W
      Energy Star Certified?Yes


      Remote Control?Yes
      Wall Mountable?No
      Child Lock?No


      Allergies Yes
      Asthma Yes
      Dust Yes
      Mold Yes
      Odor Yes
      Chemicals Yes
      Pets Yes
      Smoke Yes
      Germs Yes


      Charcoal Pre-Filter Clean every 3 months; replace annually
      True HEPA FilterClean every 3 months; replace annually
      Carbon FilterClean every 3 months; replace annually
      Filter Clean/Change Indicator Light?Yes
      Tools Required for Filter ChangeNone, but need paperclip to reset filter

      1 Year Warranty

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