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This week, we sat down and asked a few of our Air Purifier gurus to give us their best insights into the world of air purification and what's the advice they give out the most frequently.

Here's what they had to say.


What question do you get most often?


Emily W.

"Can one air purifier clean my whole house?" 

Editor: Many people are confused about HOW air purifiers purifier the air.  Walking through their unique floor plan and areas of concern is a conversation we have on almost every call.

Steve W.

"Do air purifiers actually work?"

Editor: You'd be surprised how often we get this question...and it's a fair question! For years many products have been marketed with claims of air purification. For example, a certain manufacture for years marketed a solution that emitted a stream of ionized air as an air cleaning machine. It turned out that this solution also emitted ozone, which is toxic to many people.

We only recommend air purifiers that use HEPA filtration, which has been shown to be an effective and safe to clean particles and pollutants out of the air. In short, we sell air purifiers that DO work

What's the biggest area of confusion that you get to help with? 


Gabe R.

"An air purifier is usually a one room solution, not a whole house solution." 

Editor: A lot of people think that they can clean their air in their whole home with one unit, or by moving that unit from room to room. We help explain why and how a single unit doesn't have the power to maintain the air in a multiple room layout.

"Also, we explain often how a filter with only a HEPA layer doesn't eliminate smoke or odors."

Editor: Many people are surprised to find out they need a filter with activated carbon or another odor neutralization technology. We get to explain how air purifiers that include activated carbon (or other additives) are great solutions for smoke, odors or chemicals, and point to them to the perfect air purifier for their specific concern. 



What's the best success story that you've personally heard?


Emily W. 

"A gentleman called in about his granddaughter who was disabled.  She was confined to a bed with a compromised immune system and was constantly getting sick (in fact, she had been hospitalized four times in the past year due to infections) because her siblings would bring home germs and viruses.  The child's mother, was wary about even letting the other siblings come into the little girls bedroom for fear of her getting sick!

One day at a routine visit, he spoke to his allergist about the situation and his doctor recommended an air purifier.  When I spoke to the man on the phone and he explained the situation, I could tell he was fighting to not get emotional and that he was so hopeful that one of our products might just help his granddaughter!  

Since receiving the products, the little girl has not been back to the hospital.  I spoke with the man 6 months after they received the air purifiers and EVERYONE in the home is feeling better.  The man and his daughter recommend air purifiers to anyone that comes their way and the little girl, as far as I know, has not been back to the hospital since. AMAZING success story and extremely rewarding for me to be a part of!" 

Gabe R.

"A customer called in and said her daughter was having bloody noses due to allergy medicine. I recommended the Alen T500 with the HEPA-Silver filter to be put in the little girl's bedroom. When I followed up with her, she mentioned the her daughter was down to minimal bloody noses AND less allergy medicine!"


What's the oddest question you've ever gotten?


Steve W.

"Anytime a customer calls and asks if purifiers will address allergies for their pets it catches me a little of guard." 

Editor: That's been an important point of learning for us. People are really concerned not only about their own allergies, but the allergies of their special furry friends. We recommend many of the same units for both types of allergies


dry cleaning

What's the most interesting thing you've learned about indoor air quality and air purifiers?


Gabe R. 

"I hate to admit it, but I was non-believer when it came to air purifiers; however, since I started using multiple units in my own home, my son has had really great results. He's not having to do as many breathing treatments for his asthma and I have also really cut down on allergy medicine. So I would have to say I have hands on learning in how indoor quality is so important to health and better living!"

Patrick S.

"The most interesting thing I've learned is how much of a difference an air purifier makes in terms of dust in the home." 



I've just purchased an air purifier. What do I do with it?


Gabe R.

"Some air purifiers do not have the filter installed and ready for use. Make sure the filter is not in the box along with the unit, because some air purifiers will not turn on without the filter actually being installed in the unit. Once filter has been properly installed, plug in the unit and adjust the fan setting to something appropriate for the area the unit is placed in (more square feet = higher fan setting). For better results, make sure no furniture or wall is blocking air flow from the unit."

Emily W. 

"Read the user manual and then call us.  We urge our customers to thoroughly evaluate the air purifier and read all instructions and material and when they have questions, we're happy to help advise with set up! Some customers call back because they are frustrated that their air purifiers are not working properly. My first questions - where is the air purifier located?  The common answers I get are, "in the corner", "under the table", "behind the sofa" and so on. At this point, we have another conversation about how air flow works and why the air purifier won't work properly if it can't draw in the air it needs to clean."

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