Top 10 Causes of Death in America

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Every year the CDC releases its statistics for the top 10 causes of Death in America and number 3 is quite alarming.

In fact, a majority of the causes of death should be cause for alarm.  This is because most are preventable.  It is no secret that Americans, as well as others around the world, are steadily becoming less and less healthier.  While some super-fit, and ultra-health-conscious segments of the population continue to grow in popularity, these health-nuts are a rare minority.  The rest of us are slowly putting on pounds and developing less than ideal habits that ultimately get passed to our children.

These poor habits include eating less healthily than we should, not exercising enough, and for many, smoking or engaging in other activities that can have a detrimental effect on our health.  Which leads us to the top 10 leading causes of death in America:

2013 Leading Cuases of Death

1.                           Heart Disease 611,105
2. Cancer 584,881
3. Respiratory Disease (COPD) 149,205
4. Unintentional Injury 130,557
5. Stroke 128,978
6. Alzheimers 84,767
7. Diabetes 75,578
8. Pneumonia 56,979
9. Kidney Disease 47,112
10. Suicide 41,149

Table provided by CDC 

As  you can see, many of these are preventable simply by a change in lifestyle.  The CDC recommends eating a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables, and diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol which can have a positive on your health to help reduce the risks of many of the above causes of death.

Smoking & COPD

Another huge concern is smoking, which is one of the primary causes of COPD, and the 3rd largest cause of death.  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease kills over 100,000 people per year.  While many do not feel its effects in their younger or middle age years, by the time the condition appears, the damage has been done and is irreversible.  Avoiding smoking can potentially add decades to your life as well as reduce your costs of healthcare and treatment.

Someone I Know Has COPD, What Can I do?

We consult with thousands of people per year in order to find the right solution for their air quality and health concerns.  Many of these people suffer from COPD, or other respiratory concerns that fall within the 4th category above.  

While an air purifier cannot prevent the onset of COPD, and cannot reverse the impacts of other respiratory afflictions, we often recommend one because of how it works to clean the air.   By removing airborne particles from the indoor environment, you can reduce the likelihood that those particles will irritate someone suffering from these conditions. Any reduction in irritation is going to provide relief. Therefore, we see a number of people who benefit from using an air purifier for COPD or an air purifier for smoke in their environment.

See our Top Air Purifiers for COPD and our Top Air Purifiers for Smoke.

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