Could an Air Purifier Save Your Life?

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The Journal of Environmental Science and Technology recently released a study showing that improving global air quality could save millions of lives each year.

World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines specify the maximum amount of particulate pollution one should be exposed to during an 8-hour period.   Many people around the world are exposed to this level of particulate pollution on a daily basis, even while indoors. 

Pollution Kills

We’ve see how air pollution has been causing over 500,000 deaths per year in China, and over 20,000 deaths per year in Mexico. According to the WHO, the real cost around the world could exceed 2 million lives per year.

The impact of air pollution even extends the cleaner countries as well, such as those in North America and Europe.  Put simply, every country could save lives by following the WHO guidelines for clean air, which are aimed primarily at reducing large particulate pollution. 

Large particulate pollution is exactly what HEPA air purifiers are best capable of removing.   By using HEPA air purifiers indoors, you can significantly reduce your exposure to these particles while indoors even when outdoor levels significantly exceed WHO safety thresholds.

Which is why we wonder, could an air purifier save your life? 

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External Source: The Journal of Environtmental Science & Technology paper: "Addressing Global Mortality from Ambient PM2.5"


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