Air Purifier Reviews

The right air purifier can make a dramatic improvement in your home's air quality. But choosing an air purifier shouldn't make your head spin. We’ve assembled recent customer reviews from to help refine your air purifier search and lead you to the air purifier that's right for you.



Price: $399
"Great air purifier"
"It really works"
"I would recommend this product"
"Love it"

Paralda Air Purifier Reviews


"as hoped for- I wake up feeling rested; head and sinuses clear!"

"easy to use and to relocate. easy to look at and fit into different spaces. it provides the allergy relief I was desperate for (living in central TX) and having difficulty functioning at new job during cedar season. prescriptions alone just not cutting it - clean air smells wonderful! didn't want to pay as much, but no regrets because it WORKS. no noise problems sleeping with it on level 2. wish it had a cleanble filter, but reviews on units that do were poor."

 Pros: User friendly, Attractive Design

Dede from Central Texas


"Love this product."

"I am pleased with my purchase. I previously bought other air purifier brands and was disappointed. At first the other brands seem to work well. But in a short amount of time, they began to rattle and it was a pain trying to clean the filter and reset the air purifier once the filter was clean. This air purifier is the BEST. It works to drown out noise and makes the air in our home smell so much cleaner. It is so easy to use. I am very pleased with this purchase."

Pros: User friendly, Good Value, Attractive Design
Dust, Allergies, Asthma

Cheryl from Naples, FL


"This product works great"

"Since purchasing our air purifier we have noticed that the air seems fresher and has eliminated any odors. My daughter who has allergies is breathing better, doesn't cough as much and sleeps much better. We are very pleased with the performance of the unit and would recommend it to anyone especially if they have breathing problems."

Pros: User friendly, Good Value, Quiet, Attractive Design
Concerns: Dust, Allergies, Bacteria/Germs, Chemicals/Gases, Pet Odor/Dander, Asthma

Steve from Nashville, TN



"This is everything I hoped it would be"
"Very Happy"
"Our house had a noticeably cleaner feel"

 BlueAir 203 Air Purifier Reviews

"Truly an amazing product!"

 "We purchased the air purifier for our son who has asthma and has had trouble with attacks in the middle of the night. We put it in his bedroom, have kept the door closed, and he has been sleeping through the night. He noticed the difference right away. You can almost smell how clean the air is. Truly an amazing product!"

Pros: User friendly, Quiet, Attractive Design
Concerns: Dust, Asthma

 Karin from Massachusetts

"terrific product"

"We purchased this for our daughter to use in her apartment at college. She has asthma and has felt tremendously better and is sleeping much better since she has been using it. Now my wife and I are planning on buying one for ourselves!"

Pros: User friendly, Quiet, Attractive Design

Yankee Fan 4Ever from Monroe, NY

"LOVE this - excellent with dog hair, dust, pollen"

"I've had this for a little over a year. I purchased it because I found I was allergic to dogs and cats, and one of each feels a great need to stare at me all night. I run it on high during the day, and low at night. It keeps the hair out of the air, and overal keeps the room much cleaner of dust, pollen, and everything else. I can actually breathe better and sleep all night again. This is well worth the price !"

Pros: User friendly, Good Value, Quiet
Cons: A little large

Kal from Nashua, NH


 Austin Air Allergy Machine

"Controls odor and smoke"
"Can be moved around easily"
"Great equipment"

Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier Reviews



I use mine in the living room as it is where I smoke the most. My daughter gets bad allergy headaches from cigarette smoke and purfumes, air fresheners etc. Since I started using my air purifier she has not had one attack and my house has never smelled better! It even took out all the cat smells! The only thing is that when run at the highest setting it is very loud. But it does so good a job on the lower settings that the noise doesn't really matter.

Pros: Good Value, Long life, Attractive Design

Hilton Head Guy from Naples


"Stay healthy"

"I am very happy with this product. I paint in oils, using turpentine and gum varnishes that evaporate rapidly into the air. Even with a respirator I felt the side effects. My air purifier has greatly helped. It's still a bit stinky in my studio but living in a cold climate where I can't open the windows and get a fan going, this is a wonderful and very important addition to my workplace."

Pros: User friendly, Good Value, Attractive Design

MJPainter from Montana


"If I was president, I would put it in the white house"

We have had these units for over 18 years. We decided to get two more to upgrade, The others still are working great. Easy to maintain and fits into most peoples room make up. These units were off for a few days as I was debating buying just filters or new units. I decided on the new units and wow did they work great.

Pros: User friendly, Good Value, Long life, Quiet, Attractive Design

ebenezer from Wis Dells